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I used to be an EE fan but this half of the season really made me dislike Ethan. He obviously still has feelings for Sutton, he just won't admit them to himself. Also, he should have known that it was Sutton and not Emma that visited him in jail. The guy claims to be in love with Emma but can't tell them apart especially since he has know Sutton longer like one of you said and is "in love" with Emma. Also, him actually believing Emma slept with Thayer. She's not Sutton, she wouldn't do that. These past few episodes made me question if Ethan was ever in love with Emma. Emma has done nothing but support him, and all he does is ignore her. He's becoming an ass. He's not over Sutton, that's obvious since he kissed her back. He may say she means nothing to him, but it's not the truth. Thayer on the other cares for both girls, but I can tell he is moving on from Sutton. He has realized that it would never work with them. Thayer is clearly over her romantically, yet will still be her friend because that is the kinda guy he is. Thayer is slowing falling for Emma and being there for her. I love it. Slow build is what I look for in my couples. I do see EE getting "back" together, but Sutton will remain a problem and Emma will look to Thayer for advice and more. I really hope this show is renewed for a 2nd season. It seems to get decent ratings, right?!

Ok, I think I've ranted enough. lol

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