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Having worked in a bank as well... you are right with the 45 K...

And Peter did not go after Will in the first instance...dana brought him the evidence... I hate that Peter used his office, but if you do think of it... he was in a crappy position looking like he would be favouring the firm if he did nothing... but I htink ...In the "old boys club"... they would protect each other and peter would not have moved forward with WSC. He rationalized and his jealousy got inthe way...

I do think Peter will "pay " for this.. and alicia must feel a bit guilty... if she had handled Peter a bit differently...things might have played out differently.

And what are you referring Peter didn't pay for, if not for the prostitutes and the S1 trial? what else are you referring?
this issue always drove me nuts... in S1, they implied/hinted that maybe Peter was involved in some other corruption, but it was very vague(at least to me).

there was also all the stuff with the fake photos being sent to the apt...and STern saying Peter was "set up"... I think it was left muddy intentionally... Kings have hinted there will be something else coming up for Peter... from his past. Just like with Kalindas past, they lay seeds for the future, which is good writing( or can be).

I was not overly impressed with this epi BUT it did lay grounds fo rthe future. As well, the 4 "core" players are Alicia, Will, Kalinda and Diane... and to keep the series going, it is hard to keep the same patterns. How many times can the firm almost break up? Although the show is a procedural ( partly)) writers have done an admiral job of not having every case in the courtroom. To keep it fresh, taking Will out of the firm for a few months ( and believe he will still be in every epi) allows the writers and the actor to do something different. I am sure JC is thrilled.
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