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I got a lot of things I have to do... we're being pulled a hundred different directions...

The moderator opening announcement which has popped up on the page is because I have resigned from my position moderating here at the High School Musical board.

I don't think that this is coming as a surprise. Most of the people who post either regularly or even casually here or at the Zac Efron board will know that a little while ago now, I booked my trip to go abroad for an extended period of time, leaving in a couple of months. Initially I wasn't planning to do this for a little while, but due to a couple of 'life' factors I think it is best that I step back from my position at this board earlier than I'd originally anticipated.

Firstly is this epic internet saga which is creating a scenario whereby it is hard for me to meet my moderator duties at two boards – at the moment the resolution is looking like it'll be at least a couple of weeks away, and by that point, I'm going to be so behind in my trip planing and other online commitments that I'll be swamped trying to catch up. Secondly, I'm finishing up at work earlier than originally planned so I can spend some time focusing on me – trying to develop plans for my blog, to plan my trip and potential articles I could write, to research the travel writing industry, to go to the gym and be healthy and lose some more weight than I could whilst in a stressful 9 – 9 type job. I think that I'll be able to make more effective use of this “me” time if I have less online fandom related responsibility – and so it starts with cutting back, and this is the place I need to cut back. I hope that everyone here is able to understand that it is this board that I have chosen to cut back with.

I genuinely have no plans to abandon this board, it's more that over the couple of months prior to my going travelling, I don't feel as though I have the time or energy to moderate whole heartedly at two boards. I want to continue posting and I don't rule out stepping up to moderate again at some point in the future when life is at a different place and if the position became available again.

I thank all of my Wildcats – you guys – who have in the past and who currently post at the High School Musical board. I've spent years of my life dedicated to this board. In some ways it feels like forever but in other ways it feels like yesterday that I began my moderator journey here. There have been days I wanted to throw it all in but I'm glad that I've made it to a point where I'm going out on such a positive note – I love being here and High School Musical has in so many ways inspired me to have the confidence to try something new in my life, to see if my passions could actually be more than secret hobbies; to see if they could actually form part of my future. I go out on the note of needing the time to focus my energy into that decision.

A friend like you always makes it easy, I know that you get me every time, through every up through every down, you know I'll always be around, through anything you can count on me

With love,
Dani xo
“Sometimes, finding the light means you must pass through the deepest darkness.”
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