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In other news...


I actually liked this episode- provided it really is the end. Because HIMYM writers, as a Ted fan who actually IS invested in his journey, I am out. I am just out of patience, out of emotion, out of even frustration. They are DONE. She doesn't love him. She was not lying. That is the end of the road. I can't handle Ted ever going back for more after this. I will stop watching if they try this one more time.
I liked the episode as well, exdcept for those last few seconds when Marshall said "not yet". I was actually dreading watching this episode because I thought they are going back down the TR road. And though it started that it things moved in a direction that I liked. I just thought when Ted started watlking into the sea of Yellow umbrellas that the writers had finally closed the book on the TR chapter but ha to throw in that Marshall line.
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