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Originally Posted by Cristofle (View Post)
I'm HOPING that Sophia being eeeeeeevil nullifies any validity of her statement- at the end of the day, Beckett should realize she and Castle haven't been doing this for a few months, they've been at this for years and if she thinks all that's between them is tension, she doesn't think very highly of him given his declaration to her last season.

(this isn't a disagreement, I swear, lol, I agree Castle/Sophia is stupid, just a hopeful different perspective on the intention)
Just a very grumpy girl with them right now. Just felt like it was the writers not so subtly pushing the idea of the moonlighting curse on us (which is stupid)

They obviously didn't have any substance if she thinks that, which makes me feel a little bit better about their past, her being a muse and all that, which I was annoyed about, but it clearly wasn't a meaningful relationship. It was just such a ridic statement. So all us happy couples in the world that are attracted to each other, mustn't be having sex with each other then? She obviously doesn't get that it isn't sexual tension that stops your other halfs quirks annoying you it's love. Which they didn't have. And Castle annoys Beckett all the time, but she finds it amusing now, and she's so accustomed to it because she loves them. I just thought the whole pairing was unnecessary as they didn't use it to progress anything, but instead take a step back it seems, plus I've seen enough of Castles exes to last me a lifetime.
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