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Klaus/Caroline make absolutely no sense, whatsoever. Caroline broke up with Tyler because he was sired to Klaus. If that's the only reason they're not together, then the second Caroline even thinks about getting involved with Klaus, she should go straight to Tyler and either a) get back with him or b) apologise profusely to him. I'm not even a Forwood shipper, but anything else just wouldn't make sense. Because NOTHING ABOUT THIS COUPLE MAKES SENSE.

I was wary about the idea of Klaus/Caroline because I almost always hate the "bad boy/villain falls for good girl" storyline. It's cliched and overdone and almost always results in the guy repeatedly hurting the girl yet she keeps on forgiving him to the point that the relationship appears abusive (ala Damon/Elena, Spike/Buffy). But K/C aren't even that. Instead, Klaus's character gets completely nuked and immediately transforms into some pony-painting teenager that is completely irreconcilable with the character we knew. If Klaus was hurting Caroline then at least he'd be in character.
Honestly? Maybe I could've gotten with it. If they'd taken their time, explored the darker aspects of Caroline's vampirism and Klaus' desire for family, bridged the gap between them a bit. Evolved them individually as characters before bringing them together as a potential couple. It would still have it's problems - Caroline's friendship with Bonnie, Elena, and Stefan and that little bitty problem where Klaus wants to drain Caroline's best friend of her blood and breed her like a barn animal - but I could at least track its development. I've gone onto pro-K/C tumblrs and threads to try to understand how this has taken shape and I still can't figure it out. Caroline is sunshine in a bottle, sure, and they do have great chemistry but beyond that I'm at a loss

This is one of the reasons I don't like bad boy/good girl hookups: shows aren't willing to do the work. Buffy and BSG got the closest with Buffy/Spike and Athena/Helo & Kara/Leoben. Every other couple I can think of has just failed miserably.

Just rewatched s1 of Game of Thrones:

Jaime/Cersei - even if I could get past them being twins and the fact that they had children together knowing how badly that could go....Jaime is at his worst with Cersei. These two form their own little bubble of paranoia and ickiness, but once you get Jaime out of it he's self-loathing, charming, remorseful, kind, fun, and capable of great acts of nobility. So much better! C/J is interesting in its own twisted way but it also limits both of them.

Dany/Drogo - watching a barely-out-of-her-teens girl get sold by her brother to a slave-owning warlord is never fun but when that girl is taken to the beach on her wedding night, stripped of her clothing, then bent over as she cries so that her new husband can do whatever he wants is easily the most disgusting beginning to any relationship I've watched on tv. That I can remember, anyway; who knows what I've suppressed over the years. What was even more shocking to me was that I was meant to find D/D sweet and root for them! Um, no. I was actually kind of happy for Dany when she smothered him with a pillow. She shouldn't have had to go through that but at least it freed her.

Robb/Any Frey - Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I know how this ends and everything but still, when Catelyn cut that deal I was sputtering on my bb's behalf. Desperate times call for desperate measures, sure, but mixing with the Freys never ends well and they're all creepy!

Dany/Jon - I think they're related That's basically what my objection to any possible romance between them is. I can't judge chemistry or compatibility since they haven't met They would make a beautiful couple, but: probably related

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They were such a waste of time I liked Tess when she was first brought on but I think the writers completely wasted her and the opportunity to explore their backgrounds more. They were just an excuse, imo, to delay putting Max and Liz together.

Also: your icon! Daryl! The most badass walker killer in post-Apocalyptic America!
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