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Will didn't deserve this. Reason number one, he put it back.
Sorry but this is bogus, I work in a bank, I take 45K from any customer and put it back the next day, I would be in jail

If this Disciplinary board is as good as they say it is they should have done this before, not now
But they didn't know about this before? Didn't Wendy just tell them?

if Will has to face consequences, I really hope Peter also has to. If Will's sins from the past are coming back, then Peter's should too because we know he didn't pay for them
I don't think this has anything to do with Peter really. And what are you referring Peter didn't pay for, if not for the prostitutes and the S1 trial? what else are you referring?

At least he admitted he did it, he regrets it.
I definitely think Will regrets it, and he feels even worse that the thing that saved him was a thing he didn't even fight for.

but then again it would have been too unrealistic if he fought and won (again).
Good point

We could use more Alicia.

I was really looking forward to the political aspect of TGW this season, but... 15 episodes in and it has let me down. I know they're saving the juicy parts for later, but why do they promoto Peter's campaign for senate and give us practically none of it?
Total letdown and I really worried about they will do at the end and what it will mean for Alicia. I wish Alicia was more proactive about this whole Peter thing.
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