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It was a great episode different from others, it was not just the case and regular characters interaction, it opened different lines for different characters, imo.

The case was very interesting, I like when they turn social It was also a good farewell for Will, he did hit a home run with his last bat

Diane classy as always and staying by her partner. Of course she has the firm as an interest but anyway, Will and the pro bono was a nice move! I found it strange that she wanted him to fight back and not choosing the 6 months option, it would have been risky imo, Will took the right decision for him and the firm. He will have a place when he comes back, we don’t know if as a paralegal, a lawyer or a partner

I don´t really understand how a probation works, it’s like they will wait and see if he doesn’t steal another 45K? How is that the Board panel doesn’t go deeper in his behavior at his current law firm? For example, the opposing witness surprisingly going into a coma just before his deposition

Judge Abernathy is so passionate Some good lines from him too

Always smart Kalinda, it was sad to see her losing a friend and I believe that a lot of A/K interaction is coming

I enjoyed Eli in this episode, just for the sake of cutting the sadness of the rest. Also, him interacting with his ex-wife is much more likeable than with Stacy

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I wonder how Will is going to be shown in the episodes now
I think they will focus in his personal life, they had only shown the professional side of Will

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L&Associates, NOOOOOOOOO
Didn't you hear? Will has two surnames and Associates is the second one

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Also can they please stop dressing Alicia like a 70 year old grandmother

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thank god I'm not he only one who was like WHAT THE HEC IS GOING ON Alicia's clothes!?
It could be a way to show how she feels? I won’t blame the costume designers of TGW here, it may have been done on purpose.

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And the end... She is so going to miss him
She can visit him She will do well without him at L&G, but it will surely hurt when she looks at his office during a working day and he is not there.

I agree with Kiki, the amount of time of guest stars fitted perfectly in the episode and Jonathan Groff was excellent
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When will we have a new ep again?
I believe that in two weeks

Only the good ones leave early, I will miss you Caloi
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