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Because he wrote the vows before he heard B declare her love for C ON HER WEDDING DAY... Prior to that scene, Blair had been repeating to his several attempts to get her to not marry Louis by saying she was 100% committed to him. I guess he wanted to make a bad day more romantic for her. Was he supposed to know B would find them before the wedding and it would make her want to marry Louis? NO

And yeah I think Dan would have reasonably believed that sending the video would prevent the wedding and prevent Blair from being trapped in her marriage. It's not 100% brave he could've interrupted when the priest asked. Then again, B would've hated him and C was just as much of a coward (if not more considering he had more incentive to).

And I guess D just wanted to take the choice off of B's hands. no one believes in the pact but Blair (and everyone knows it's wrong, S did her own scheming to prevent Blair from going through with it which I haven't been mad at because between helping Blair not marry someone she doesn't love and letting her go through with it, I think the second option is the evil one.), if you take away her choice to go through with this: you're the one breaking the pact not Blair.

However, a lot of things don't make sense due to the fact that the wedding should've never been dragged that much. B didn't love Louis all the reasons that led to the wedding were wrong.

And Glo last but not least, no matter what is your shipping perspective. Dan IS the best person for Blair as of right now. that is the very point of their love story at least for Blair : No one has ever treated her as respectfully and as selflessly as he does. With her, he is the most selfless (CB reunion, no confession of his feelings), the most concerned with her happiness (telling her not to marry Louis, CB reunion), the most supportive (when she sees C with his "sacred" Raina), the one who forces her to be honest (paternity test)... It's not a coincidence she's been running back to him all the time in S5, if you view it as one and don't think C and S deserve what is happening to them right now, you will be surprised by a lot of stuff I suppose.
And what does it matter really? CBers still love CB despite all the things C has done that were the worst things ever on this show. Surely, Dan being right or wrong (imo right tbh. I really hope he did) sending that video isn't supposed to turn us off?
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