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I agree with you. Probably not! And another news:

Gosling to solve Puzzle Palace?

Ryan Gosling is McG's top choice to star in thriller Puzzle Palace, the director has revealed.

The This Means War filmmaker is intent on making the Drive star his leading man in the action adventure, which he describes as "tonally similar" to Die Hard, reported The Playlist.

"It's a smaller picture - it's designed for a Gosling. It's not as small and antithetical as Drive, but it's not a big giant over-the-top action picture. It's meant to be a fun, intelligent action character study," he said.

The gripping thriller follows a child who has to help clear his father's name with corrupt cops on his tail.
Puzzle Palace was written by Safe House scribe David Guggenheim, and McG - who has been attached to the film since 2011 - is looking forward to starting work on it.

"That's likely my next picture. I just spoke with Guggenheim three days ago - he's doing another pass on the script, and Lionsgate and Summit are sorting everything out," he added.
It is very cool that it's designed for Ryan, but then the director is McG so I don't think Ryan will do it lol. Althouh from the sound of it, it's not a typical McG pic.

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