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Welcome to the board Mee.

I am sure I have posted in here, but to find out if I have I would need to go through old intro threads and I do not want to do that . I changed my username this year, I used to be AuroraRuby .

Name: Rachael/Aurora (I go by the later usually).
Age: Nineteen.
Location: Australia.
Birthday: April 17th.
Why are you a Taylor fan? She has a beautiful voice, and was finally something in recent country music which really caught my attention for more than a song or two. She is really talented, and is a wonderful song writer. She may sound like she crosses over to pop at times, but there is just something about her which makes me love her and her music despite that. Not that I have anything against pop music, I just tend to mainly listen to country music .
What is your favorite T. Swift song? White Horse.
its always darkest before the dawn ღ
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