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Damon continues to be AWESOME on all regards. And not appreciated for it. Which is OK, as I think in the end all his suffering and sacrifice will pay off and he'll be happy. He will do what he has to do to protect his loved ones, including getting his hands dirty and being hated as "the bad guy". He is just incredible!

Alaric BETTER not be dead-dead, DAMN IT! I don't see why we need to have a zillion Originals running around but characters we love and care for keep getting shipped off or killed.

Klaus/Caroline was sweet but I still have a hard time buying his good act.

Elena was clever to run to the "no-vampire" cave. And so was Rebekah in how she reacted to that.

Heh, of course Damon/Rebekah sex is something jealous Elena would rant about to EVERYONE and was something meant to torment and hurt her by Rebekah.

TVD is getting a bit ridiculous in the ways it puts "obstacles" for Damon/Elena though but at least they are done throwing Damon under the bus.

Generally bored with the episode, tbh. I do NOT care for Original family drama, I do NOT care at seeing 1000 years old vampires acting like children or getting scoldings from their mother.

Elijah's little letter to Elena was even more ridiculous than Klaus' little note to Caroline, for me. I'm like "yet another vampire who is telling her about his guilt and tormented soul". What is she, a vampire shrink?
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