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But that movie was not in 2002.
No, but that's when they were supposed to start filming so that's why Brad started growing all that annoying facial hair back then

Originally Posted by obthavariable (View Post)
The Fountain? As in, the movie Hugh Jackman is in? Was Brad supposed to be in it or something?
Yes! You guys didn't know? And you call yourself a Brad fan? JK

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the movie, though, is that the director was able to finish it at all. Just before the scheduled start of shooting in 2002, the film's original star, Brad Pitt, abruptly bailed. Costar Cate Blanchett left shortly thereafter. At various points in the production, Aronofsky's backers pulled out, studio executives questioned his sanity, and the script went through a radical reincarnation. The Fountain – an allegory about the promise of eternal life – died several ugly deaths on its way to the screen.
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