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Umm.. what!??

I'm actually shipping it pretty hard right now! I used to ship Tim&Lyla.. and i still sort of do.. I was pretty upset when I heard Tim&Tyra would get an open-ending ending, but I've been rewatching FNL lately and I find myself thinking differently. I'm still bothered by it a bit, but it's not for the same reasons it used to bother me back in the day. I've realized the reason their ending bothered me wasn't because I didn't like them together, it just seemed out of left field to me since they didn't interact much. Now that I've been rewatching I find myself LOVING their scenes.. I especially love the scene when Tim gets home and tells Tyra he ate raw pigeon It's just such a different feel, and I love it. I really enjoy them now, and I just wish they would've had a lot more interaction.

"Tyra, your boy Tim is here, and it looks like he’s in trouble”

Tyra: Somebody died?
Tim: No. Why are you here?
Tyra: Mindy had to drop something off. So, as soon as they’re done humping, I’m out of your hair.
Tim: Well, that shouldn’t take too long.
Tyra: You think? I’ve been here long enough. Seriously, why are you dressed like that?
Tim: I’m dressed like this because I just came from dinner with Buddy Garrity, Lyla, and the new rich booster that I was supposed to chat up about college. Which, between you and me, don’t think I’m cut out for.
Tyra: You and me both.
Tim: But it’s nice to get this off and… kinda want to have a beer, just chill out and watch… anything. Yeah, cheers. I-uh… I ate pigeon tonight, Tyra.
Tyra: Why?
Tim: I don’t know why.
Tyra: I don’t know what pigeon looks like.
Tim: It was crap. Could barely get through, but I ate it because I didn’t want them to think I’m making a mistake.

This scene It cracked me up, but obvs it's not the same in text

Tami: Get something in your head that drives you crazy, that just bugs ya, and then make that be the ball, and you just slam on it!
Ya know what I mean? Can you get something like that in your brain?
Tyra: [looks at Tim] Yeah, I think I can think of something.
Tami: That’s my girl! Alright, c’mon now, let’s see it!

Tim: I’m here to see if you want to hang out, as friends. I kinda, I can use one right now.
Tyra: Do you even know what a friend is, Tim? A friend is someone who is there for you. Who helps you to do what’s best for yourself.
Who asks you to go out and do things. That’s a friend.
Tim: Come to the Panther Roast.
Tyra: It’s not what I meant, Tim
Tim: I know it’s not what you meant. Look, I’m tired of over thinking every single thing, you know.
Let’s just hang out and laugh and have fun.
You and me, as friends. Please.

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