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Originally Posted by AlyssaHP88 (View Post)
I have two more seaons to complete so I'm sure I'll have more insight once I do . Also, it's just odd sometimes watching season 1 Ben, then watching the new episodes... it's so drastic I guess thats why I'm kind of like "what the hell is going on with him?!". I agree, I think he has just begun spiraling down and has a lot further to fall before he hits the bottom.
You're almost there. You're about to start S3 right?

I know right? He changes so much with every season. But in S2 he was still very much like S1 Ben IMO - this troubled, naive, unhappy, and quiet guy who is extra protective of women and children. But then he sees a woman get murdered and there was nothing he could do to stop it, and he sees women assault men in domestic situations, and he learns some news from his mother in S3 that really affects him and confuses him emotionally - and he just starts to become more and more jaded, more and more cocky, and seemingly more and more confused ... as if he doesn't even know who he is anymore or what he believes in. He's an ingriguing character. By S4, his personality has flipped a 180, but at the same time, it's pretty obvious (for me anyway) that he's just trying hard to fit in and be accepted by the other cops and he feels like if he puts up this facade, he'll be more respected. And he always had a temper, but his short fuse just keeps getting worse and worse and stress is continally piled on his shoulders.
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