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I made a video preview. This song reminds me of Ben Sherman a lot. Everyone on the outside (his colleagues, etc.) always talk about how he seems to have it all. If only they knew... he's probably the most unhappy character on that show and in some ways is the most damaged emotionally. Cooper used to be, but he's over stuff IMO and he was never as fragile as Ben, though Ben does an incredible job of hiding his vulnerability from everyone else.

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I'm looking for something specific too. This is what I was asking in one of my last PM's to you. It's easy for us to guess and possibly figure it out ourselves, but I hope the writers give us specific reason, like what triggered this behavior exactly? There's so many things that happened to him but I just want to know event was it that finally made him snap.
The cocky and jaded attitude is mainly what came out of no where IMO, but it's not that bad yet - at least not to me. I don't think you're on those episodes yet or I would ask you your opinion. The next episode is focused on his personal life so I'm hoping the writers are going to finally do some explaining. He hasn't yet really downward spiraled. He's only in the beginning stages it seems. I mean, punching the girl was wrong, but IMO it's also forgivable given the situation (I felt her assault was a bit vicious) and it was clearly an impulsive reaction and not something he planned to do. I don't think it makes him a bad person.

He's sleeping around a lot more than he used to, but he was sleeping around before too. He's been occasionally doing that since late S2 and he was ruined emotionally by the last girls he actually had a serious relationship with so that part to me makes sense. I don't even think much needs to be explained in that department writing wise, which is good because I wouldn't hold my breath that the writers would specifically tell us this anyway (lol, I never get my hopes up). But Southland writers do say that they write it for us to figure out (they don't like to spoon feed). Anyway, I also feel like it's more so the girls who are using Ben. It's not like he's going around seeing what girls he can conquest. The way it comes off to me is that these girls are trying to conquest him because he's a hot cop so essentially they're using him and he's letting them because he needs a release and is emotionally detached (so in that way, he's using them too - to help him forget about his problems).
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