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Say Goodbye to the Desperate Housewives Board (Closing Sunday Feb. 12th)

This was not an easy decision. But it's the one that makes the most sense. Simply put, the board has been suffering from a lack of posting and community. On top of that, I started to feel the Moderator position turn into an obligation. I made the call to remain a Mod until May when the series ends. However, due to missing the Monthly post count and being put on the "48 hour w/o a post" list, I think it's fair to say that we could end up losing the board before May. So I wanted the board to go out on top, on it's own accord. I just want to truly thank all of the posters who've come and participated, and joined our tight-knit community. I want to thank my lovely co-mods throughout the years: Katie, Shar, Suz, and Melis. Just, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you! And also to the Moderator Managers/Staff for always lending a helping hand via. MST or just friendly advice or assistance. I love this show and my love for the show has in no way faltered, I am still a DH-Wisteria Lunatic As of Sunday, Feb 12th, the board will be closed and we'll open up a thread on the TV board. Truly, thank you. Love you all.


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