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Hi, Mr. Detective , welcome to the awesome Emily thread. Nice to meet another fan. Yeah, I'm a fan since 6 years now, so I know what I'm doing. True, she was on Everwood too (we're not on the Everwood board here, so I mention it), and she played Piper Perabo's sister on the great movie Lost and Delirious, I don't think she was her sister again in Carriers. You should check out her latest movie Beyond The Blackboard, it was her first leading role (or let's even say big movie role), she did great. Yes, it's great for all her fans that she's not only the lead, there were tons of interviews, pictures and so on since Revenge started, my archive is filled with tons of pics and vids.
I'll be Mrs. Detective this summer for real! hehe that's okay no harm done there! Thank you so much, ForVanAngel! Haha don't we both? and yeah I know this isn't an Everwood board, but people all over this board on these single character/star threads mentioned a lot more in the shows' categories involving talks with their previous shows/films so its very cool! Yep I did know that and she was her sister (again I believe unless that was another girl with her? ) in Carriers! Chris Pine was in it too! I'll definitely check that out! Cool I'd like to see them and its great to see Emily's career rocketing farther high she is flawless and talented, hands down!

But Emily/Amanda the whole person is amazing with her retribution road! Such a caring person too especially to her half-sis Charlotte and her warden mate/friend Emily/Amanda er... is it Emanda, the ship name for those two? I loved how she's still getting married to Daniel because it means she'll help exploit the Grayson's more and protect those who she cares a lot, like Jack, his brother Declan obviously (I can see that happening since his girlfriend is Em's half-sis! ) and maybe make some negotiations with Conrad too! Love her relationship with Nolan, those two are scum butt kicking friends, they're equally clever!
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