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Originally Posted by everwoodfan52 (View Post)
Parents definitely go crazy! I remember years ago at one of my son's club soccer of our parents actually got into a fight with one of the opposing players! In the middle of the field! The team composed themselves better than this dad! Unbelievable!
This prompted my son to declare that these games are no place for parents!
Honestly, he is absolutely right! I remember telling a teammate that it's difficult enough for us players to perform on the field, let alone worrying about what the stupid fans are going to pull.

I think here in America because soccer is such a middle to upper class sport, you are also dealing with egos and "class" as well. My niece, Anna, dislikes 90% of her teammates off the field. I think I am even being generous with the 10%. She finds so many of them stuck up and superficial. She hangs off the field with 2 girls and merely puts up with everyone else. I was the same way. I was close friends with very few girls throughout my traveling soccer career and a couple more in high school. I couldn't stand so many of them... so full of themselves. Even the parents had the nice groups and status crap going on. My parents always stayed out of that ridiculous stuff and were nice to everyone but in private they constantly complained!
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