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Thanks for the interview, dear. I liked the part where Rachel talks about her college application. She has probably already spoken about that moment, but it was new to me.

On the CBS video,
Interviewer asks Channing why he wanted to work with Rachel.

Channing: You know, she kinda has this enigma about her. She has such a light, that you don't understand where it comes from. I wanted to really get around that, I’ve watched her for so long. You know I saw the Notebook, before I started acting, and then, to get to work with her. I had this thing of approaching my characters in a way that they feel honest to me. Like: "I don't know if I would say that", "I don't know if I would do that". And she (Rachel) has kind of the opposite; she puts herself into these characters. And even the things that do not feel natural, she will find a way to do them. I really admire that.
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