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Haha, I actually know about the Tony accedent and I saw Effy's reaction It was a very emotional scene I don't know if I watch gen 1 or not, first I need to get over the annoyance with this show overall, but I'm planning on at least trying to get into gen 1. To see if it works for me.

Skins need to be over. The only good things they could do they did. Now they really ran out of ideas and became beyond cliched and stereotypical. There really are so many things to discuss and to address yet they choose to do something predictable and overdo things that shouldn't have been done in the first place such as random deaths. I feel like Skins just collected all the issues that teens can have but they didn't bother to give a deeper look into them. Shame because it could have been wonderful. Even with gen 2 it could have been ,but unfortunatelly it ended up being a joke in the end.
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