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It was an okay episode.
Aiden with Julia and Josh with Nora seeing who can have the most sex. LOL
The icky part when we found out Julia is Josh EX (fiancee) who he bailed on.
It was mostly icky because Josh (mostly) and Aiden was having their guy bragging about their loud sexcapades with their women.

Still icky. Aiden should have said something better to Julia to save her feelings when he broke it off though.
Oh well.
Nora did great.
Sally was helpful to the boys but her wanting to be reincarnated into a baby was a "WTH."
Even I could see she was being selfish in wanting to do it and not really wanting to do things over or be better.
Aiden with his hospital blood supply cut off was well acted. He is definitely going down a dark path now.
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