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Oh, me too, Bel! I opened the Gringotts thread on the HP board and the John Mayer thread on the Music board; I haven't visited either in ages and feel terribly guilty. It all comes down to time restraints, I guess. Any spare time I have is spent on the Delta board. I hate the thought of losing touch with all my friends, on the Oz threads particularly. I won't let it come to that.

Wow, that's incredible! I can just imagine how many American actresses she must have beaten for that role.

Oh, that sounds great! I'm glad to hear she educated the American audience on that. I remember discussing that with some Canadians on the Oz Fun thread a while ago. We both have coloured money, so it's a wonder America hasn't followed suit! They're trying to keep with tradition, I s'pose. But ours really is far more practical! Likewise with our road rules!

I'd love if she got a guest spot on Rove! I think Aussies would be really eager to see her interviewed now that Lost has been so successful. Does she come home often these days? I guess there's always satellite interviews aswell, but it'd be nice to see her actually on the show!

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