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i just pmed them asking them to help post more but i dont know they still dont post in threads unless new stuff pops up.. honestly modding would be a lot easier without FF rules.. but since FF has rules, it really stresses me out.. so knowing jen has stepped down even though she didnt post that much cuz of her busy schedule.. i had lauren to help me with watches and stuff..

you just cant make ppl do what you want them to.. when we were still low count "probabtion" period last year.. it was only me modding for a bit before lindsay got appointed.. that was when i knew the board would be ok but when lindsay stepped down.. i didnt know where the board was gonna go anymore.. when the board got customized that was an achievement for me

i dont know thats why whenever one of my co mods says how they will still be around and stop by i know they are lying.. cuz that never happens.. i feel like im always truthful i still stop by heroes after i stepped down.. maybe partially cuz lauren is always there but still
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