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we have maybe 3 posters but they dont post often.. and when they do they post in normally just ben and jen and violet and seraphina threads.. i dont know its the same thing when running a jen site.. the ppl seem to care only for candids.. especially when its family candids.. we get jen candids A LOT.. plus new baby affleck has everyone excited.. and its not like jen doesnt have new projects..

the thing is jen is one of the oldest boards on FF.. and i just feel like if we decide on closing the board.. its just a really sad discussion and kinda of cop out.. cuz it takes forever to campaign for a board on FF.. and lots of boards on FF now rely on the mods to post instead of the posters to keep the board alive.. soo yea ever since i became mod, it has really been living off the watches.. but like i said, ppl post.. they just dont stop by often.. and they limit the threads they post on.. they dont post in threads unless something new pops up.. no one likes to talk about old stuff it seems

i can mod by myself.. but i need someone beside me to help post so it will at least make the minimum.. its the same with zach.. if i didnt have you.. it maybe kinda dead.. but since rita is posting more over there.. its not as dead..
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