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Originally Posted by everwoodfan52 (View Post)
Perhaps the fact that he was more feminine than Edna was what she needed in a husband. She needed a man to stay at home with the children while she went off to war. She took on the masculine role there and would probably not be in a position to do that with a different kind of a man
I agree! One of my speculations earlier in the thread was that Edna might fall for an effeminate guy since she herself is so masculine and would want someone to balance her out. Also true about staying home more with the kids--Harold Sr., while obviously a doctor and thus employed with a demanding job himself, almost definitely took on the role of the stay-home parent much more than Edna ever did.
AMY: Phone's been ringing non-stop since the paper came out. There are a bunch more messages on the machine.
HAROLD: Amy? Are these all of them?
AMY: Sorry Dad, he didn't call.
HAROLD: I don't know what you mean.
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