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I'll start...

Looking back, Ephram was actually pretty unlikeable. The writers did a somewhat good job of justifying some of his actions but if you really look at it: he fought with his dad for years and undoubtedly took years off of his life, treated his younger sister pretty lousy, was never the greatest friend to Bright, treated his soulmate like trash when they broke up and left Bright and Amy during a time in need when Rose had cancer.

Julia was always shown to be a good mother to her children but you would think that she would have instilled better manners in her son. Like I said, some of the stuff (such as Julia's untimely death) justified some of Ephram's behavior, but I'm not sure the writers did enough to give him consequences for his actions - especially those at the end of season three.
I actually do agree with that too. I think we all agree that Ephram is flawed, but I do think he was often more selfish than most "heroic" main characters would be. The examples about how he trashed Amy, left town, left them both during Rose's cancer is the biggest one. Like Andy with Amanda, he rebounded from something that seemingly was impossible to rebound from, but that didn't make those actions any less selfish. I always found Ephram to be fairly bratty, entitled and I wish that the show had delved a little more into how he himself had realized that when he went to Europe and saw what life was like when he went on his own. That Ephram in S4, that's an Ephram I can get behind!

About his looks, well, that's never been my focus, heh, but I think you're spot on, Betty.

What I found hot about Ephram was his eyes, his sensitivity, his humor, and his intelligence.
I think that's what most people who found him hot thought too. There's more to being hot than just looks themselves, and Ephram had enough beyond that, especially when he grew up in S4. He still had that sensitivity, that humor, the intelligence, but he combined that with a new found maturity and responsibility for others too, and even though it may not have been his best season look wise (I have no idea), with all those elements, he may have been at his "hottest".
“[People] talk to me about these characters as if they’re real, and they’re not real, but they’ve become real...I really think, shows like this one, you have an attachment to them. They’re like friends you check in on."
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