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Hmm...what makes you say that? In season 1, he seemed like a great brother to her. In the other seasons, he wasn't really around much, but I don't remember him ever actually treating her badly.
One time Ephram treated Delia badly was when he announced very matter of factly that he was going to Europe and didn't know when he was coming back. Delia ran out of the room crying and Ephram merely said, "She'll be alright." He did make up for this at end of the episode.

Did he? What examples are you thinking of here?
Ephram treated Amy like trash when mocked her about thinking that they would be a forever. He also told her that his son was more important than she was...and...he abandoned her even though he knew her mom was diagnosed with cancer.

Somewhat agreed. Bright seemed like he was a better friend to Ephram than vice versa. I can't think of any examples right now, but it's a general feeling I got.
Bright couldn't get into college..his life was up in the air and a mess....and Ephram is going on and on about his problems with Madison. I was so happy when Bright yelled at him, "Will you please shut up!!!"

Betty might be in that boat but she will have to support or deny it while hopefully not getting mad at me.
I have never considered Ephram "Smoking hot." I found Ephram to be "Hot"...but not because of his looks...although I really liked his looks (minus seasons 3-4 hair!). What I found hot about Ephram was his eyes, his sensitivity, his humor, and his intelligence. And...he really did seem like a great kisser!!
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