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Ok I see there were unanswered questions, so:

Do you have any phobias? I don't think so
Are you superstitious? A little
We all have real life pet peeves, but what are some of your online pet peeves? People who type "of" instead of "have" (this would OF been nice); and also people who create theories about real life couples (even when they're not even actually a couple in real life), I don't know if it's more annoying or freaky. It's actually both. Just no.

And I'll try the top 12 thing even though I don't usually make resolutions either

What are your top 12 for 2012?

1. Travel within my country
2. Travel to another country again
3. Save money for 1 and 2
4. Study to get a better paying job
5. Get a better paying job
6. Try to sleep earlier and wake up earlier (key word being TRY )
7. Finish watching ER
8. Keep this board going strong, as Stephen said
9. Exercise
10. Eat better
11. Lose weight
12. Meet my friends who live far from me more often (or for the first time, in the case of you guys ), which sorta depends on numbers 1-5
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