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Originally Posted by Roxy87 (View Post)
Yeah... it was just a question.... :/ I'm not sure all the snappiness was necessary.
I feel you read something into it, that really wasn't there, Roxy. What I wrote was not meant to be snappish at all. I thought you had a question and I merely tried to explain my reasons and answer you. Never would I ever want to make anyone uncomfortable. So I am heartily sorry my words were subject of such misinterpretation. However, I cannot deny that I understood your post as an attack on me. Therefore I tried to relax the situation by explaining my actions thoroughly. That was all. I am sorry you read something else into it that absolutely was not my intention. I hope we can move on from here. I certainly always enjoyed reading your posts and having discussions with you in this thread.

ETA: My subsequent post was merely to get the thread back on topic, which hopefully we can do now.
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