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Cesare & Lucrezia #7: " was Cesare she wanted there most; it was him she loved above all." -- The Family

Welcome to the 7th
Cesare Lucrezia
Appreciation Thread

S u p p o r t e r s ;
1. ~Phoenix~
2. ღEmrys
3. Neda16
4. xKarlaCruz
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42. sweet charity
43. guilty ones

Reasons we them;
1. Any ship with its own love theme screams "True Love"
2. No couple can make nose-bumping a major turn-on
3. Because he only smiles when he's with her
4. Because even dinner knives ship them
5. Because he constantly misses her
6. Because if anything happens to her, he'd die
7. Because if it's up to him, she'll never marry
8. Because they're like Abelard and Heloise
9. Because any other couple on the show who think they're like Abelard and Heloise are F.A.K.E.
10. Because she'll never love a husband like she loves him
11. Because "I should keep you here in chains. I suspect you would be happier." And so would we!
12. Because she misses his hands and he misses her face.
13. Because he'll never forgive her scumbag husband.
14. Because killing her husband is easy and Cesare doesn't want easy.
15. Because he's the first person in the family to hold her baby.
16. Because she doesn't need her baby-daddy when Cesare is around
17. Because he was pacing like a true father-to-be when she went into labor
18. Because she'll always have him
19. Because even history ships them. They're so canon.
20. Because he carried her over the threshold on her wedding night
21. Because they're the ideal lovers.

A lovers' melody;
1. Ryan Cabrera - She's
2. Lifehouse - You and Me
3. Nickelback - I'd Come for You
4. Carrie Underwood - There's a Place for Us
5. Christian Kane - Thinking of You
6. Gifted from Angels - Sugar Rush
7. May I - Trading Yesterday
8. Lifehouse - Everything
9. Paramore - CrushCrushCrush

F a n v i d s ;
My Love | My Heart | Sweet Lavinia | Flames |
Ships | You're in My Veins

F a n f i c t i o n ;
Heaven Is Ringing With Your Name
The Lesson
Wind And Sorrow Bear A Spark
No Longing For The Sun
Drought Conditions
For When Father Speaks
Visit the "Borgias in Other Media" Thread for an Updated List of Borgia Fanfiction (mostly C/L).

* a family scene with Lucrezia, Cesare and the baby
* a dance laden with sexual tension
* a kiss on the lips
* secret whispers and clandestine trysts noticed by others
* rumors of incest spreading just to see Cesare and Lucrezia reactions
* a fight between them ending in a scene with lots of emotional tension
* angsty scene with the both of them crying
* jealous Lucrezia and jealous Cesare
* Cesare defending Lucrezia's honour, even what he is doing is mostly lying because something did happen. And vice versa.
* more reactions on how others perceive the relationship, e.g. Juan
* Cesare helping Lucrezia take care of the baby
* Lucrezia going after someone to protect Cesare
* Cesare killing someone because of his feelings for Lucrezia
* Lucrezia wishing the baby was Cesare's
* Lucrezia sitting on Cesare's lap at some official function

Future titles;
"If you read the history, you find these two, this brother and sister, were utterly fascinated by each other. . . ." -- Neil Jordan,
". . . it's a story about two people who are absolutely enraptured with each other." -- Neil Jordan,
"I kind of want them to be almost the ideal lovers if they were not brother and sister . . . it's so protective as to being almost dangerous." (from Showtime clip, "Justified")
"I think we chose to play pure love." -- Francois Arnaud,
"...they're so infatuated with each other and they're very physical in that relationship, but it's kind of childish in a way. " -- Francois Arnaud,
"I think Holliday [Grainger, who plays Lucrezia] and I had a really strong chemistry from the start, and I just really enjoy working with her." -- Francois Arnaud,
"There is a deep love and affection...They always have their hands in each other’s faces, but it is innocent.” -- Francois Arnaud,
"You must promise you'll be gentle, for this is love, not war, we are engaging in, my dear brother." -- Lucrezia, The Family
", my dear sister, may teach me more about love and loyalty than I have learned so far..." -- Cesare, The Family
Though in every other instance [Cesare] was the aggressor, with [Lucrezia] - even here- he seemed under her power. -- The Family
"I can't imagine loving anyone as I love you in this moment." Lucrezia, The Family
"Come," [Cesare] said, drawing [Lucrezia] close. "I need you now. For you are what is real in my life." -- The Family
"It is not the pain of your kisses you see," she said. "They are the tears of my longing for you." -- Lucrezia, The Family
C: "To bed him is not the joy it is with me?" L: "My dear love, it is the difference between heaven and hell for me." -- The Family
"There will never be anyone like you for me, for you were my first love." -- Lucrezia to Cesare, The Family
"It was with you I first shared the secrets of my body, as well as the secrets of my heart and the most intimate thoughts of my mind." -- L to C, The Family
Suddenly the sweet face of his sister appeared, and he saw it as a sign, a symbol of their love. -- The Family
Her face had been the vision he'd followed into his victories. -- The Family
"I wish no barrier between us, my brother, my lover, my friend." -- Lucrezia, The Family
"...from this night on, all that is left of my passion will rest with you." -- L to C, The Family
"You must live for me... For what other reason should I live?" -- C to L, The Family
L: "Don't you love God, Cesare?" C: "More than I love you?" -- The Poisoned Chalice
L: "And when will I marry?" C: "Never, if I can help it." -- The Poisoned Chalice
"If anything happened to her... I'd die." -- Cesare, The Poisoned Chalice
L: "I think I shall never have another friend like him." C: "You'll always have me." -- The Moor
"If you hate beauty, dear sis, you must hate yourself." -- Cesare, The French King
L: "I've missed those hands." C: "And I've missed that face." -- Nessuno

P a s t T h r e a d s

C r e d i t s ;
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Graphics: Nonie and Roxy87

Happy thoughts,

You might want to rethink marrying the lines "Kids are dead! Kids are dead!" ("Happy days are here again.").

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