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It's sad to see this board go but it was a matter of time, wasn't it?

I have to say, it really was a save haven because virtually none of my friends were watching and/or enjoying the show. I came to it because I became a fan of Gale but quickly decided I need to watch more those just his episodes.

I quickly became a Marti/Julian shipper (as you know) and it's the first ship I shipped in a long time while it was happening, dreading from episode to episode, coming up with possible scenarios etc.

While I'm not into cheerleading (it's not really popular here), I loved the show and it's characters. While it's the type of show I usually watch, I enjoyed it a lot, the fun, the drama, the routines etc. And I loved chatting with you guys about it.

I'll still be running and add whatever I can. Other than that, there is still fanfic to be writting which I will probably post on and my LJ and might link to it on General Thread. I hope to see some of guys there

*hearts you all*

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