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{Country Strong} Chiles||Beau #10: Because we all want a CB-filled sequel to this movie!!!

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Despite her missteps on Gossip Girl time and again, it seems that when it comes to on-screen chemistry, B's got it. (She's also managed to make me jealous in a matter of seconds by having such fantastic onscreen chemistry with her handsome costar.) -
Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester show off their wonderful singing voices and palpable chemistry in this new clip featuring a full musical performance by the duo from their new film “Country Strong”. The pair sing “Give In to Me” in one of those oh so subtle movie moments in which the audience realizes the lyrics of the song mirror the life of the characters singing them. Hedlund’s Beau Hutton and Meester’s Chiles Stanton don’t utter any dialogue but easily convey their budding feelings for each other through their eyes and body language. -
Indeed, co-stars Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund (the hot new star of Dec. 17's 'TRON: Legacy') show considerable talent -- not to mention oozing chemistry -- as they sing 'Give In to Me,' one of the new songs from the movie, in which they play up-and-coming country singers. - The Moviefone Blog
If any of you have gotten the amazing soundtrack for Country Strong, you will notice a track by Faith Hill called Come Into Me. Here is a sneak peek of the performance of the same song in the movie, now performed by Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund. They both sound amazing and exude chemistry. Really, this shouldn't even need an introduction. Enjoy! -
A clip of Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund singing "Give Into Me" from their upcoming film "Country Strong" was posted by Moviefone and to keep it brief: We're obsessed. It looks like Gwyeth Paltrow will have some serious competition when the movie hits theaters in limited release Dec. 22. You can literally see the chemistry between Meester and Hedlund in the clip, in which Hedlund's Beau Hutton convinces Meester's Chiles Stanton (coolest name ever? Discuss.) to come on stage with him to sing a duet. - Zap2it blog

the cowboy & the beauty queen

i'm gonna start a fire & you're gonna feel the heat

i'm gonna burn for you & you're gonna melt for me

don't make me say it
say what?
you are being very rude

tell me what you want

give in to me

and a girl of no importance. A shot of whiskey sitting on the bar
Yeah I used to give a damn, I used to try real hard
But I'll give in tonight, chances are

Hold me like I mean it
Say until you believe it
And we'll see if we can fill an empty heart

There's a lonely corner waiting
To seats left for playing
I'll tell her everything she wants to hear

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