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Thanks for remembering me! =) I’d like to say I’m here to stay but I know how sketchy I am with online commitment! However with that Revenge show and that hottie Emily VanCamp tearing it up on ABC, you know I’m going to post up!

In S2, in the flashback episode at the train station, you see a glimpse of his back, I believe. I think he says something stupid like, “run along so I can say bye to your Mom”. Thanks Berlanti for making the most badass character so mysterious!

I’m going to make T-shirts with Jr’s outline with a big “?” in the middle.


Hmm, great point. That’s kind of insulting to Sr but I guess you could reason with the first loss, she had someone there to comfort her but with the 2nd loss, the pain was amplified with no one to run to?

I bet Sr. and Irv are in heaven duking it out. Two totally different personalities but I bet they share the same gentle heart.


You put it way more thorough and eloquent than me. My thoughts exactly!

I think he’s a mixture of the effeminate and “masculine”. I mean, look at the Abbott stick frames (except Bright, guy is a beast), so he must’ve been “effeminate” in the caring sense and physical shape but he’d be quick to slap you if you looked at him the wrong way. And by “slap” I mean say something extremely witty to stupify you but make you LOL at the same time.

Best line of Harold’s, “2%...milk”. Hah, who says that at a bar? cracks me up everytime.

Holy Crap… ANDY and HAROLD? And-rold? Har-dy? Best combo ever, I wish they would put on masks and fight crime. Honestly I like your comparison. That’s actually a good way of putting it…
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