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Okay, so here we go:

Melissa and I went to see her in Buffalo with a couple of our other friends so we roadtripped there and we got there about 3 hours before the doors opened so we waited outside for a while. It s raining but we hid under the building since we were right at the front. There were only about 8 of us fans waiting until about 1 1/2 before the doors opened.

When we went inside we ran to get good spots and ended up front row dead center (it literally does not get any better than that) and then we got some friends to save our spots for us so we could go buy merch. The first 75 people to buy either a CD or a t-shirt of Kate's get a meet & greet pass to meet her after the show. So we got our meet & greet wristbands (we each bought t-shirts) and then we went back to our spots. The openers were Courier and I had never heard any of their songs before but they were alright. I don't know, I personally did not like them that much, but then again all I wanted was for Kate to come out, so maybe that was partially why.

So after tons of waiting Kate finally came out! I've been told that for all of the east coast dates Kate is playing first and for all of the west coast dates Parachute is playing first (just to make it more fair since it's co-headlining). SO Kate came out and she looked gorgeous and she was wearing this super cute skirt and a giant necklace (which might have been about 20 necklaces on top of each other or just 1 crazy one, lmao) and her leopard print heels and she looked AMAZING. And she started playing and her voice was just perfect. The setlist was truly perfect, they played songs from every album and she played 2 covers ("The Lazy Song" and "Til The World Ends") and it was such a great variety. I was really excited that she chose to play a lot of old songs too because it brought back so many memories.

It seemed like a lot of the people there were there for Parachute, or just didn't know Kate's earlier songs, because a lot of people didn't seem to know all of the words. But everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I think we were the most excited (which doesn't surprise me, haha) but there were some really dedicated fans who made shirts and everything.

After Kate's set Parachute came out so we left our front row spots so that some fans of Parachute could take them because we cared more about seeing Kate obviously. SO we sat down near the back of the venue and watched Parachute while waiting for the meet & greet with Kate to start. I'm already a fan of Parachute's because Taylor Swift introduced me to them ages ago, so I really enjoyed their set. They really impressed me actually, because they weren't afraid to take risks. AT one point the lead singer stepped away from the microphone and was just singing without the mic. Which was awesome because you could tell how powerful his voice was. And they had saxophones and were playing on saxophones during a couple songs. Which was awesome.

As they were playing my friend introduced us to Kate's family (Courtney, her sister, Betsy, her mom, and Will, her dad were all at the show) and they were SO sweet! Let's just say that it's no wonder that Kate is so perfect. And as great a Parachute was, I was quite excited when they were done because I was so anxious to meet Kate again at this point. So we were waiting to meet her and we were hanging out with Bob (her drummer) a little bit because he was walking around and we wanted to say hi. Her band is all awesome!!!

So finally we got to see Kate she gave us all hugs and signed all of our stuff and took pictures and everything. She was SO SWEET and she wouldn't stop smiling and laughing and she was just so much fun to talk to. It was incredible because it had been so long since I'd last seen her and I forgot how much I missed her. So we got to talk for a little bit and she kept thanking us for coming and you could tell that she was sincere, and then eventually she had to go but she made sure to give us all hugs again as she was leaving, and said thank you another thousand times before she left...she's just such a goddess.

I didn't mean for this to be that long but I got excited replaying it in my head like that.
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