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X-6_494 posted links on the Drunken/Flaming toasters thread. I thought I'd bring them over here

J/I archives:
- Aequabilis
- The Glass Cage.

Great fics according to her (I still haven't read them )

- Will To Power, Kris. [Irina centric].
- February, Mmemozart182.
- It Lies in Weakness, Misty Flores.
- False Pretenses, Gondro.
- Burdens That We Bear, Sheri.
- Tears from the Moon, Kris. Love.
- A Night to Remember, N.Jinn.
- The Essence of Shadow and its sequel Knowledge of an Eclipse, Olga Theodora.
- Biding Time, Sheri
- Catch-47, Gondro.
- The Prophet's Right Hand, Yahtzee. [AU]
- A's fics, especially Discovery, Winner Takes it All and its sequel, Take No Prisoners plus sequel.
- Striptik, Cory and Kris. Hee!
- Drown The Stars, Rena. Sequel as well.
- Ashes to Ashes, N.Jinn.
- Everything's Under Control, Katja. PWP
- The Importance of Family, SpyDadFan.
- Unguarded, Jen. One of the first few DT fics ever written, which is probably why I remember it being my favorite.

Who else has fics to share?
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