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Kelly still hangs out with Heath's longtime friends, too. Her saying she's single doesn't really mean anything. When she was on the Wendy Williams show in July of 2010, she said the same thing when talking about her breakup with Mike. And, Kelly had already been dating Heath for several months at that point (although, it may not have been serious yet). Reality shows are scripted to a certain extent, so I tend to take their interviews when promoting Dirty Soap with a grain of salt. That's just me, though. I'm really hoping her part of the show though isn't just about her drama with her ex and this 'getting back into dating' storyline. I love Kelly, but I'm going to get pretty bored with that angle rather quickly if that's the case.

I felt so bad for Kirsten, I just wanted to hug her.

Nadia and JP's moms need to dial it back a few notches if you ask me, although they did crack me the hell up.

Galen and Jenna's kids need some serious discipline in my personal opinion.

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