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I hate reality shows, but I absolutely LOVE this one so far.

Originally Posted by forever yours (View Post)
I officially, officially, officially love Brendon and Nadia's relationship! Oh god, I swear out of all, they both have adorable and supporting and understanding kind of relationship that I find them soooo adorable! I just can't...

KeMo, oh god, I officially love you even more than before if that's not enough seeing you like this. I love what she said about her fans having her back before her mother has her back and saying don't mess with my fans because if you tear me off, my fans will be so pissed and piss you off or something like that, oh god I love her. And I love how she said her fans are so fiercely loyal which is so damn true! And I feel so bad for her with whole dealing with Mike break up thing, I didn't know that was hard on her. Poor bb and I am so glad that Kristen is there for her, trying to help her move forward, make her move on and deal with it so it's pretty awesome!

Oh god, Farah, I don't know how I feel about her because she seems to want her way all the time, no thoughts, no compromises, etc. Does she realize how lucky ***** she is that her boyfriend was WILLINGLY to fly to LA for her and look for new house with her? He hates LA which is nothing wrong but yet she still complains and is like you are so ungrateful or never appreciates LA or whatever, I mean really? Come on. He took a flight with you despite his feelings about LA and did it for you but he couldn't help himself that he hates it, so yeah. It's called compromise, you know, but whatever. Farah seems to intend on moving there, no second thoughts, just wants to be in LA period. I feel for him, really. I feel bad for him.

Jenna, I don't know how you are dealing with this but this is NOT first time that Galen was thrown in the shower with Alison because he did that with McKenzie and what they did was 100x's worst than Days, tbh. So how is she unsecured? I mean I get it that you would hate your husband making out with hot co-stars and I am not blaming you for feeling that way but really, Alison is married and has a kid so she shouldn't worry about that. It's just a job but I thought she got past it considering that Galen did this so many times to count for years and years. Unless this is just transcripts that they had to talk on show? IDK. This is not first time he has done this before, so...
These were my thoughts exactly!

Originally Posted by Casandra (View Post)
That was better than I thought it was going to be actually.

I think they're definitely setting up a 'villian' thing with Jenna potentially. I mean really lady? Your husband has been a soap star for ten years, countless sex scenes. And if she doesn't want her kids to watch it, or see it herself, why the hell does she have the tv on the show?

I think I'm going to be Team Kirsten for now. I kind of always have been, because of the things I've heard about Farah, but I never really saw the proff myself, ya know? But Farah is coming off, thus far, as a pretty entitled and bossy person, obviously pushing JP into moving just because she wants to go back to Cali.

As for KeMo, heh, girl has got herself a big potty mouth. And it's hysterical! When she was talking about her fan's boobs, I couldn't stop cracking up. But she had a point, holy hell that lady had some ginormous breasts
Completely agree with this entire post.

Originally Posted by texas forever (View Post)
right? i mean, i guess i could believe they may have had a falling out, but they are actors on a reality show. of course a majority of it is staged and or amplified. i mean, the ep itself was like a little mini soap. jp walking out in the middle of traffic during the promo was the be all to end all. lol.
The Farah and Kirsten drama isn't new. Those rumors have been going around for several years ever since Kirsten left Days of Our Lives. That being said, I definitely think a huge chunk of Dirty Soap is staged or amplified, especially in regards to Kelly's breakup with Mike. Granted she was with the man for 18 years, so obviously it's not going to be that easy for her to get over him. But, Kelly's been dating Heath Freeman for almost two years now. That whole storyline with her 'getting back into the dating scene' and 'going on dates' with different men is pretty much staged IMO.

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