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Originally Posted by RJHouse (View Post)
Aw, can't find that post about your theory. I'd love to read it though! I feel the answer is right in front of my face but I'm just not seeing it lol.
They were in the last thread. I was a chatty Cathy when I first joined this group.

My JJ/Will/Hotch theories: #232, #240 and #248

This one is the soccer one:#244.

And these are just some random observations: #259 and #265.

Originally Posted by Sydney Collins (View Post)
my all time fave moments of Jotch are season 5 episode 13, all the plane scenes, when they were going to the case, Hotch was so concern for JJ he couldnt take his eyes off of her then their eyes met and you could they were talking in a way that only they could understand

then on the way home, JJ finally opened up about her past and we saw this new side to JJ But Hotch was the only open who saw it, He wanted to comfort her but she ended up comforting him when he said thank you thank you for everything we saw just how deep Hotch and JJ care about each other
I am watching this right now on Megavideo and I just realized that this is the second case that JJ was able to convince Hotch to take, even though he was unsure about its merits at first. The first one was with those 63 homeless people in Kansas who were being murdered and chopped up by some psycho. All she had to do was turn her baby blues on him, fiddle with her hair, smile a little and he was putty in her hands.

Ahhh another thread title idea. LOL. Sorry, I'm obsessed.

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