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Originally Posted by *Arista* (View Post)

I think they also had some weird bangs-ish thing going on...Maybe Cary and Alicia were supposed to have dueling bangs, but they decided against that? (Speaking of Alicia's bangs, were we supposed to assume she went to the salon and got a new hairstyle between hotel sex with Will and work the next day? The timeline doesn't quite work for me there...)

Back to C/K...I hope that there is an explosion of fan art and fic for them as a result of the way this season kicked off.
I don't understand her hair either, I get that they wanted to change it show a physical change being she was changing mentally, but the timing was way off

I am sure there will be a explosion, haven't checked tumblr much today besides the couple that you posted, although I haven't really been home to check it either
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