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That TVfanatic review is fantastic, read it earlier, they always do the best reviews Thanks for bringing it over Jess

I am still abuzz from last night and I'm not sure whether to post my episode reactions here or in the episode thread. I know I'll never catch up with that thread, so I think I will just snip out the 2 or 3 thoughts that are not C/K related and put it all in here...
Yeah we go a mile a minute in that thread when the episode airs, its so much fun Understandable that you can't keep up, just post where ever you feel comfortable I always love reading your thoughts

Oooh - not loving the hair at that angle...Now we're in the hall and it's fixed! Yeah! (I thank the hair styling gods that the continuity on this show apparently sucks.)
I thought that at first too, but it so was just the camera angle, I was like WTH at first, then the next scene I loved it so I didn't worry long

Oh, Cary. Lusting after Sophia already? *tsk tsk* At least the writers figured out a way to sensibly account for Sophia only being short-term at the SA's office if necessary.
Yeah I want to keep her so bad Its good they said that she is short term though, being that is what she will be being the actress is on another show.

Kalinda squeezing between Cary and Sophia to leave his office. Oh man, I would have enjoyed this.
I was squeeing so much during that scene, made my imagination run wild, even more then it normally does

Okay that person on tumblr is awesome, I can't stop looking at those Thanks for bringing them over so I can keep on drooling
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