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Originally Posted by Queen of Babble (View Post)
Bay and regina doing some art together

I wonder what Angelo is planning .. I don't quite trust him..
I'm still suspicious of what his real motives are too. What also puzzles me is that ... when he suspected that Daphne wasn't his real daughter, did he ask to have a paternity test done or at least some kind of blood work before taking off?! If he had, I think that he and Regina could have saved their own relationship the trouble of all the doubts regarding 'cheating' and Regina being unfaithful to him because they take the DNA of the mother too most of the time when testing the father, and the maternal Dna wouldn't have been a match either, just like the paternal side. Or was it by this point that Regina already knew the truth anyway?! That timeline is still a little confusing to me between the time Regina uncovered the truth and Angelo doubted and left.

I also would like for Bay and Regina to get closer. But I will say that I do enjoy the Regina/Daphne mother daughter relationship, I'm glad she felt bonded to her and still does. I would like that relationship to keep going as well, even while both girls get to know their biological mothers better. I even really enjoy Kathryn/Bay still.
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