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Yeah, Bonnie is a virgin I'm sure it will be worth the wait for when it finally does happen.

Let's kill this

#18 has been eliminated.

Please vote for your LEAST FAVOURITE scene and give a reason.


01. Killing Katherine
Eliminated Round 23

02. Preparing for the Kill
(2.07 – Masquerade)

Bonnie: I've worked on some small spells, spells that only do good. I don't want to know too much. I don't particularly enjoy any of this, in case you haven't noticed.
Jeremy: Yeah, but you're 100% witch. That is so cool.

03. Sensing Another Witch
Eliminated Round 27

04. Sex Spells and Dancing
(2.07 – Masquerade)

Jeremy: So can you like do a Hocus Pocus to ace a test?
Bonnie: I don't know that spell.
Jeremy: That'd be like the first one I'd learn. Or maybe like a sex spell or something, I don't know. You want to dance or something while we're waiting?

05. Elena Linked to Katherine
Eliminated Round 3

06. Not a Kid Anymore
(2.07 – Masquerade)

Jeremy: Hey, I was going to head home. Can I offer you a ride? ...Are you okay?
Bonnie: When did you get your driver's license.
Jeremy: I'm not a kid anymore, Bonnie.

07. Mapping Elena
Eliminated Round 7

08. Sending a Message
Eliminated Round 26

09. Lonely Souls
(2.08 – Rose)

Jeremy: What happened? You scared the hell out of me.
Bonnie: It's nothing.
Jeremy: No, it wasn't nothing, Bonnie.
Bonnie: I've been doing a lot of magic lately. It wears me down.
Jeremy: When I'm worn down, I take a nap. You were unconscious.

Bonnie: It's hard, you know. My Grams is gone and my dad, he doesn't want to know about what I am. He hasn't since my mom left. I'm all alone in this.
Jeremy: That's how I feel a lot of the time. Alone.

10. Elena Returns
Eliminated Round 24

11. Parking Lot Clumsiness
(2.09 – Katerina)

Jeremy: What are you doing later? You want to hang out at the grill, shoot some pool? The winner owns the table.
Bonnie: Why?
Jeremy: Why what?
Bonnie: Well, you've never asked me to play a game of pool before, so why now?
Jeremy: Uh, I don't know. I thought it'd be fun. Nevermind.
Bonnie: No, hey, okay. Sure. It's just.
Jeremy: Just what?
Bonnie: It's just... you're Elena's brother... Sure. It's just, I'm really bad at pool.
Jeremy: Yeah, yeah. I thought you might be.

12. Shooting Pool
Eliminated Round 33

13. Smiling Across the Room
Eliminated Round 31

14. Jealous Jeremy
Eliminated Round 19

15. Changing Weather
Eliminated Round 4

16. Turning Metal to Ash
Eliminated Round 17

17. Not Strong Enough
(2.10 – The Sacrifice)

Jeremy: What are you doing?
Bonnie: I’ll be fine.
Jeremy: You could get hurt.
Bonnie: And Elena could die. I’ll be fine. Promise, I promise.

18. In the Tomb
Eliminated Round 34

19. Almost Kiss
(2.10 – The Sacrifice)

Bonnie: Why did you have to get involved?
Jeremy: Because I didn't want you to get hurt.
Bonnie: Jeremy, you can't feel that way about me... What?
Jeremy: Don't act like this is one-sided, like I'm some kid that has a crush on his sister's friend. You could have died today.
Bonnie: And you almost did.
Jeremy: That was a chance I was willing to take.
(Jeremy leans in to kiss her.)

20. Testing Elena
Eliminated Round 11

21. Elena Fails the Test
Eliminated Round 12

22. Smiling Across the Street
Eliminated Round 29

23. Walking Away
Eliminated Round 30

24. Smiling and Laughing at the Grill
Eliminated Round 28

25. Witch Roofies
Eliminated Round 25

26. That’s Pretty Hot
Eliminated Round 32

27. Questioning Luka
Eliminated Round 10

28. First Kiss
(2.14 – Crying Wolf)

Bonnie: Wait. You're Elena's little brother. I've known you forever. You're that punk kid. I remember your awkward phase and then your emo phase, your druggie phase. Overnight you turned into this hot guy who's really sweet and...
Jeremy: You think I'm hot?
Bonnie: With everything that's going on, you know, with curses and sacrifice...
Jeremy: Enough already.
(First kiss ensues.)

29. After the Kiss
(2.15 – The Dinner Party)

Jeremy: Hey, whatcha doing?
Bonnie: Thinking about last night.
Jeremy: Yeah, yeah, me too.
Bonnie: God, that was a tough spell. I could feel it draining me. I need practice.
Jeremy: Yeah, well, uh, maybe, I don't know, maybe you should come over tonight. We could practice. Get stronger.
Bonnie: Yeah, sure. Thanks.
Jeremy: Ah, incoming...

30. Hey, I Kissed You and I Thought You Liked It
(2.15 – The Dinner Party)

Bonnie: Oh, God. This is a date.
Jeremy: No, no, it's not like a date, date. It's more of a hey, I kissed you, and I thought you liked it... hang thing.
Jeremy: But you did like it, right?
Bonnie: Yeah, I liked it.

31. Bonnie Channels Jeremy
(2.15 – The Dinner Party)

(Bonnie practices spells on candles.)
Jeremy: Now that is cool. How does it work?
Bonnie: It's called channeling. Siphoning power from something... another witch, the moon, an element.
Jeremy: So, technically, you could channel me.
Bonnie: What?
Jeremy: Well, I'm an element, sort of. I mean, isn't... isn't the human body mostly water?
Bonnie: You're right. Let's see what happens.
(Bonnie places her hands on Jeremy's chest and they share a moment. Jonas interrupts.)

32. Jonas Takes Bonnie’s Powers
Eliminated Round 15

33. Stealing Kisses in the Hallway
(2.16 – The House Guest)

(Jeremy leans in to kiss Bonnie and she leans away.)
Jeremy: Come on, Elena's nowhere in sight.
(Bonnie looks over her shoulder and kisses Jeremy.)
Bonnie: I'll tell her soon, I promise.

34. Bonnie Tells Elena
Eliminated Round 6

35. Feeling Guilty and Useless
Eliminated Round 5

36. I’m Here for You No Matter What
(2.16 – The House Guest)

Jeremy: I'm worried about you.
Bonnie: Don't be.
Jeremy: No, I"m serious, Bonnie. The only witch that could have given you your powers back is dead and... I think you have a serious case of denial going and I want you to know that I'm here for you no matter what, and I"m not...
(Bonnie kisses Jeremy.)
Jeremy: Not that denial's the worst thing.
(Bonnie puts her hands on his chest and the lights flicker.)

37. Searching through the Grimoires
Eliminated Round 8

38. Damon Leads Bonnie to the Salem Witches
Eliminated Round 9

39. The Spirits of the Witches
(2.17 – Know Thy Enemy)

Jeremy: Are you sure about this?
Bonnie: Are you worried about me?
Jeremy: Yeah, of course I am.
(Bonnie kisses Jeremy.)
Bonnie: I'm sure.

40. Bonnie Calls on the Witches
(2.17 – Know Thy Enemy)

Jeremy: Bonnie? You're scaring me, here.
(Bonnie screams and Jeremy is thrown against the wall, unable to move.)
Jeremy: Bonnie! You okay?
(Bonnie is about to collapse and falls into Jeremy. He embraces her and kisses her forehead.)

41. Power of 100 Dead Witches
Eliminated Round 21

42. A Death Warning
Eliminated Round 20

43. Have a Little Faith
Eliminated Round 18

44. Jeremy Offers Bonnie His Ring
(2.18 – The Last Dance)

Jeremy: Wait… Look, I want you to have this.
Bonnie: If you’re asking me to go steady, I think that was the 50s.
Jeremy: No, I’m serious Bonnie.
Bonnie: The ring won’t work on me, Jeremy.

45. Blending In
Eliminated Round 2

46. Slow Dancing
(2.18 – The Last Dance)

(Bonnie and Jeremy slow dance.)

47. Jeremy Confides in Stefan
Eliminated Round 13

48. Bonnie Wakes Up
(2.18 – The Last Dance)

(Bonnie wakes up and Jeremy embraces her.)

49. MiFi in Hiding
(2.18 – The Last Dance)

Jeremy: If we’re going to be stuck here, then we might as well have Internet.
Bonnie: You don’t have to stay down here with me.
Jeremy: Hey, I’m not letting you out of my sight.

50. Jonathan Gilbert and Emily Bennett
(2.21 – The Sun Also Rises)

Jeremy: This is useless. All these Grimoires, there has to be something in here to keep Elena from becoming a vampire.
Bonnie: And we’ll keep looking, until the last minute.

Bonnie: Which one are you reading?
Jeremy: Emily Bennet’s. There’s a section on spells she did for my ancestor, Jonathan Gilbert.
Bonnie: Yeah, I think she had a thing for him.

51. Binding Life Forces
Eliminated Round 1

52. Leaving Jeremy Behind
Eliminated Round 14

53. Ruining Scarlet
Eliminated Round 16

54. Jeremy Gets Shot
Eliminated Round 22

55. She Loves Him
(2.22 – As I Lay Dying)

Bonnie: Emily, Emily. I know you’re there. Please help me. I love him.

56. And the Day After That
(2.22 – As I Lay Dying)

Jeremy: Bonnie, I don’t know how to thank you.
Bonnie: You can thank me tomorrow… And the day after that, and the day after that. Goodnight, Jeremy.
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