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t h e f a m e
If I start writing "JEREMY!" every time he appears, will you guys be mad? He wants a school spell and a sex spell! He hilarious. McQueen's casual delivery here has me swooning for all the wrong reasons. "You want to dance or something, while we're waiting?" He's so charming, and he is bringing out some really fun sides of Bonnie that we haven't seen yet. It also leaves room for Jeremy to sweep in and cheer her ass up. They should go learn some sex spells.
"When did you get your driver's license?" she laughs when he offers her a ride. Translation: "When did you get so hot? Let's go learn some sex spells!" - Zap 2nit

Okay, everyone at this Masquerade Ball either looks like Kato or the orgy people from “Eyes Wide Shut.” Including Bonnie and Jeremy, who’ve paired off and now hole up in an empty upstairs room. Jeremy tells Bonnie it’s awesome that she’s a witch; Bonnie tells him she hates it because everyone in her line of work dies. They totally have a moment, in which Steven R. McQueen flexes his jaw muscle like he’s James Bond. It’s hot. Jeremy saunters up to offer Bonnie a ride home and Bonnie’s all, “When did YOU grow up, Jeremy Gilbert?” They walk off into a new, promising romantic story arc.
- Hitfix

Good thing someone else noticed -- Bonnie realized Elena's little bro was all grown up now, and accepted a ride home from the dapper young Mr. Gilbert. FYI, "accepted a ride home" is not a euphemism for anything -- yet. But you know something's going to happen soon (and it better, since they'd be one attractive couple). -TV V squad

Jeremy offered Bonnie a ride home. She wanted to know when he got his driver's license, and he told her he wasn't a little kid anymore. She told him she'd love a ride home, and I may have cheered a little. For a second, I thought they might hold hands, but I'm glad they didn't. Let's take this slow. They could give us the kind of butterflies we got when Matt and Caroline first got together. - EW

The flirtation between Bonnie and Jeremy was well handled as even though he is her best friends little brother they have upped his level of maturity this season and with this upped his hotness, could this flirtation develop in to something more? - TVOvermind

And, finally, there's some Bonnie/Jeremy sparkage. Do you see what I mean when I say OMG I CAN'T EVEN! Yeah. I thought so. - TWOP

Jeremy Casts a Sex Spell
Speaking of new romance, Jeremy spends most the episode casually flirting with Bonnie, ultimately giving her a ride home. Both of these characters haven't been too lucky in the love department, so I fully endorse a Jeremy-Bonnie love story. -BuddyTV
l a s t m o m e n t

credit: tumblr

f u t u r e t i t l e s
'They totally have a moment, in which McQueen flexes his jaw muscle like he’s James Bond. It’s hot.' HitFix
'Jeremy and Bonnie chitchat as they wait for Operation: Kill Katherine to begin. More flirting.' HitFix
'They walk off into a new, promising romantic story arc.' HitFix
'FYI, "accepted a ride home" is not a euphemism for anything – yet.' TVSquad
'But you know something's going to happen soon (and it better).' TVSquad
'She told him she'd love a ride home, and I *may *have cheered a little.' EW
'This looks like the beginning of a beautiful relationship.' TVOvermind
'It also leaves room for Jeremy to sweep in and cheer her ass up. ' Zap2it
'Then, the future couple ride off * into the sunset, in Jeremy’s Super *Fly Ride.' TVRA
'And, finally, there's some Bonnie/Jeremy sparkage.' TWOP
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