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You got out just in time - here's the report!

Same deal as before, please credit me if you share this info anywhere else.

The Wiggly Finger Catalyst


The four guys are playing Dungeons and Dragons in the guys’ apartment. Sheldon gives some scenario about them facing an ogre that’s in front of a mossy, locked door. He asks Howard what he does, and Howard says he says to the ogre, “Hey, Ma, what’s for dinner?” Sheldon rolls the dice, says the ogre finds his comment amusing, and lets them pass. Sheldon says he found it amusing, and does a short laugh.

Leonard asks Howard how the wedding planning is going. Howard says they spent three hours at Macy’s creating their wedding registry - he’s finally going to get the little asparagus dish he’s always wanted. Back to the game, Leonard says he uses an unlocking spell. Sheldon rolls the dice and says he’s successful. (On the second take, they took out all the lines about the door being locked.) Leonard says they enter the dungeon. Sheldon says that they meet a dragon inside.

Howard asks, “Really? We’re playing Dungeons and Dragons, and we enter the dungeon to find a Dragon? You don’t think that’s a little on the nose?” Sheldon asks if he plays Chutes and Ladders and complains about all the chutes and ladders.

Raj is eating a pie directly out of the metal tin, and Leonard asks him if he’s going to eat the whole thing. Raj says maybe, who does he have to watch his figure for? Leonard asks if he watched Bridget Jones again. Raj says no, it’s just that they all have someone, Sheldon’s with Amy, Howard’s getting married to Bernadette, and Leonard’s dating Priya. Leonard says that now that Howard’s getting married, maybe he can inflate one of his old girlfriends for Raj.

Raj says he blames America for his unhappiness - the movies promise streets full of beautiful blonds with large bazongas. Howard tells him to keep eating the pie, and he’ll have a bazonga of his own. Raj says that’s cruel, and Howard knows that it all goes right to his hips. Sheldon asks if they’re going to continue the game - they’re facing a fire breathing dragon. Raj says he doesn’t really feel like playing anymore. Sheldon asks if it’s just because he doesn’t have a girlfriend, and says if that’s his reason, then Dungeons and Dragons is in big trouble.


The three girls are in Penny’s apartment. There’s a wax hand spa thing set up on the coffee table, which Amy’s peering at, and Bernadette’s got wax on her hands. Amy asks, so I just put my hand in the wax? Bernadette says yes, it makes your hands all soft. Penny touches Amy’s cheek with the back of her hand to show how soft her hands are, and Amy leans into the touch, and says it’s like getting kissed like a bunny.

Amy dips her hands into the wax (this is where the scene started on subsequent takes, cutting out the first paragraph), and says she assumes that later they’ll reuse the wax to tidy up each other’s bikini regions. (Mayim flubbed the line on the first take right as she put her hand in, so then they had to cut so she could wipe all the wax off before they could do it again.) Penny says that her bikini region is just fine. Amy says quickly, “Who’s shocked? I’m not!” Amy then asks Bernadette how the wedding planning is going, “Not that I’m asking as a potential bridesmaid. But for the record, hint hint,” - then changed to, “Not that I’m asking as a potential bridesmaid. (high pitched voice) Pick me! Pick me!”

Bernadette says that yesterday they went cake tasting. Raj came too, cried, and ate half of the samples. Penny says poor guy, he’s lonely, and says they should set him up with someone. Bernadette says she met a cute woman at work, she’s married to a guy in one of their studies. Penny says, “Uh, hello, she’s married.” Bernadette says that he has major heart congestion, and a little birdie told her he’s in the placebo group! Penny says okay, grieving, future widow is the one to beat.


The guys are at the Cheesecake Factory. Leonard asks if they’re ready to order. Sheldon says to hold on a moment, and pulls dice out of his pocket. He says he’s doing an experiment - he’s going to let the dice make all his trivial decisions for him, to free up his mind for what it does best. Someone asked what that was, but then I don’t remember Sheldon’s answer. Sheldon rolls the dice, turns to page 14, item 7, and says he’ll be having a side of corn succotash.

Penny comes up, and asks Howard if he’ll come with her for a minute. Howard says he doesn’t want to show any more of her friends how he can fit in the booster seat. Penny says it’s not that, and asks him to just come with her. He agrees and leaves. Sheldon says let’s find out what he’s having to drink, and rolls the dice and consults the menu. On the first take, it was California z-something (can’t remember). Then it was changed to a pitcher of margaritas. Leonard asks if that’s really what he wants. Sheldon says it doesn’t matter, his mind is free to think about other things. Leonard asks what he’s thinking about. Sheldon says hamburgers and lemonade.

Penny and Howard come back, with Emily in-between them. Penny says she has someone she’d like Raj to meet, Emily’s in her spin class at the gym. Raj leans over to start to whisper in Leonard’s ear, but Penny tells him it doesn’t matter, that Emily is deaf. Howard introduces them to each other, signing and speaking. Emily gives a little wave with a smile, and Raj returns it. Penny says look, they’re already hitting it off, and comments on how good she is as she walks away.

Emily signs, and Howard interprets that she says it’s nice to meet Raj. Raj asks if she means it or if she’s signing it sarcastically. Howard just tells Emily that Raj says it’s nice to meet her, too. Emily says that she has to get back to her family, but Penny has her number, and Raj can text her if he wants to meet up. Raj tells Howard, okay, I’m going to play this cool, just tell her, whatever babe, maybe. Howard tells Emily that he’ll text her, and Emily leaves.

Sheldon’s now rolling the dice for his dessert, and says “come on hot fudge sundae,” then yells, “BAM, that’s what I’m talking about!”


Howard and Raj are at a coffee shop. Raj says that when Emily shows up, he’s going to tell a deaf joke to show her he’s cool with her being deaf. He’s thinking of going with, “Did you hear the one about - oh, no, I bet you didn’t!” Emily walks in, and waves to them. Raj asks Howard what “this means,” repeating the wave. Howard tells him “hello.” Raj says wow, they say it just like we do. Then instead of that, after Emily’s wave, Howard just tells Raj not to do the joke.

Emily says (and Howard interprets) she’s sorry that she’s late, and Raj says to tell her it doesn’t matter, and her eyes shimmer like the opalescent somethings on the river by a castle… It was some long thing. And Howard asks him, really, that’s the first thing you want to say to her? Raj tells him he worked on it all night, sign it. Howard says he doesn’t know the sign for opalescent. Raj tells him to spell it. Howard says he can’t spell it. Raj says he’s killing him. Howard tells Emily Raj likes her eyes. Raj says Howard’s making him sound like a caveman. Emily says that she likes his eyes, too. Raj tells Howard to tell her he has a deep, sexy voice like James Earl Jones. Howard says she doesn’t know what James Earl Jones sounds like. Raj says then she won’t know he’s lying, and tells Howard to “sign, monkey boy.”

Cut to a few hours later… Raj is saying to himself, what else can I say to make you like me more… He tells Howard to tell her that he loves music, then asks if she likes music too. Howard asks, do you really want to ask her that? Raj says oh, you’re right, everybody loves music! Emily asks if he plays any instruments. Raj says no, but when he was a kid he wanted to start his own band, Frankie goes to Bollywood. (I don’t know if the sign Howard did for “Bollywood” is the real one or not, but it was hilarious.) But Raj couldn’t get any of the other boys to join, so his parents convinced their servants to be his backup.

Before Howard can finish signing, Raj stops him and tells him not to sign servants like he’s bragging about it, because everyone in India has servants. Raj says to sign it like it’s no big deal, but with just a hint of “yeah, I’ve got servants.”

Cut to even later (in the background people are leaving, the workers are staring to clean up). Emily is telling a story about how she wrote to Santa every day, and then on Christmas there was a puppy under the tree, with a little bow wrapped around his neck… But then Howard trails off as he does something with his phone, as she continues to sign. Raj asks what he’s going, and Howard says he’s telling Bernadette he’s going to be late. Raj asks what Emily’s saying, and Howard says it’s a cute story about a puppy, just smile. But then Howard looks up and says, wait, wait, the puppy choked on a doll’s head and died, sad face, sad face!

Then cut to them outside, leaving the coffee shop (this part was pre-taped). Raj is pointing out different constellations to Emily, and when she turns to Howard, he just signs, “Look, pretty stars!” Emily points out her car, and Raj asks Howard if she wants him to kiss her. Howard says he knows sign language, he can’t read minds. But Emily ends up kissing Raj before getting in her car.

Raj and Howard walk away, and Raj is smug that she kissed him, and says he was real smooth on that date. Howard says that he made Raj smooth, Raj was an idiot. It was really him that she was kissing. They decide to agree that she kissed them both.


Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, and Howard are at the guys’ apartment, eating. Penny tells Sheldon that his moustache is looking good. Sheldon looks up, and we see the small moustache he’s grown. On the first take, he rolled the dice, said something like “who cares what you think,” then apologized and said the dice called for a harsh response. Then it was changed so Sheldon said it’s thanks to the dice, they’re the ones who told him how much of his face to shave.

Howard asks why Sheldon’s still following the dice. Sheldon says it’s working - in the past few weeks he has co-authored two papers in peer reviewed journals, and is close to figuring out the scientists at the Large Hadron Collider haven’t found the Higgs boson particle yet. Leonard says that Sheldon left out that he stopped wearing deodorant. Then Leonard’s line was changed to Sheldon left out that he chaffed his testicles because he stopped wearing underpants. Sheldon says that the dice giveth, and the dice taketh away.

On the first take, here Penny looked around and asked where Raj was. Howard tells Leonard she noticed, and Leonard owes him 10 bucks. Leonard says that he’s out with Emily again. Then it was changed, so Penny just asks if Raj is out with Emily again, and Leonard says yeah, every night for the past month.

Johnny messed up his line here on a take or two, some small phrasing issue. Then later they were doing the scene again, and did this exchange with Penny and Leonard a couple times, kept telling them to hold and do it again. Finally Johnny asked if something was wrong, and the AD went up with the script. Johnny thought he had his line wrong again, and Kaley asked, “Did you mess up again?” And Johnny pretended to stab her leg with his fork, which she reacted to in fake pain. But then a few moments later, Johnny laughed, and loudly said, “It was HER!” It was actually Kaley who had some phrasing wrong.

Penny says she can’t believe Raj has a girlfriend. Sheldon rolls the dice, then says “Me neither.” Howard says, speaking of interesting Raj and Emily news, he bought her diamond earrings, and leased her a car. Penny and Leonard are surprised, and Leonard asks if they think she’s maybe taking advantage of him. Penny says no, of course not, Emily wouldn’t do that, she’s deaf. Leonard asks, deaf people can’t be gold diggers? Penny says that disabled people are nice, everyone knows that!

Sheldon says that he knows something that would add understanding to their current conversation. Leonard asks if he’d like to share. Sheldon rolls the dice, then says sorry, snake eyes. Penny looks at the dice and points out it’s doubles, and tells him to roll again. Which Sheldon does, and then says okay, here it is - a few years ago, as they know, he accomplished one of his lesser goals of becoming a public notary. And a few times he as notarized bank statements for Raj - Raj’s family is vastly wealthy. Penny asks what vastly wealthy means. Sheldon says that wealthy means having lots of money, and vastly means even more, he really doesn’t understand what’s tripping her up.

Leonard says he knew they had money, but he didn’t think it was that much. Sheldon says that they’re Richie Rich rich. Someone asked how much that was. Sheldon says halfway between Bruce Wayne and Scrooge McDuck. Howard exclaims that Raj made Howard buy him a churro when they were out the other day. Leonard gets up to leave, and says he has to go call his girlfriend who he loves so much, so vastly much.

Penny says, okay, well it’s a few gifts, and a car… Howard says that she also got Raj to pay off all her credit bills. Penny says she could have dated Raj for a few months, not that she would have done that, cause she’s not that type of girl… then hurriedly says may they should talk to Raj. Howard says Raj won’t listen, he’s in love. Sheldon says he remembers the days when he didn’t know what to do, and now if they’ll please excuse him, he has to (he’s starting to rise from his seat, and rolls the nice)… stay right here, and he sits back down.

Johnny and Kaley were both laughing a lot when they were getting ready to start the scene, and then were laughing between takes, too. I think it was Kaley who was mostly really amused by something, and then Johnny was largely laughing at her.

Also during a long break between takes, Kaley stayed seated in the armchair. Johnny got up from the wooden chair he’d been in, and sat on the arm of her chair, and then leaned backwards, so he had his feet off one side of the chair, and his head on the other side, and was between her and the back of the chair. And he just laid there with his eyes closed for a while (he looked tired), but sometimes he was also kicking out his feet, and talking to Kaley and Jim (who was in Sheldon’s spot), and there was some laughter again.


Howard and Penny are at the gym. At the first they started the scene by entering and walking in, but then they started from already inside, standing to the side. Howard says maybe this is a bad idea. Penny says no, she’s the one who introduced them, she needs to talk to Emily. Howard’s distracted by all the women walking around, and Penny reminds him he’s engaged to her friend. He says that Bernadette doesn’t mind how he gets his motor running, as long as he parks in the right garage. Penny says she can’t believe he’s engaged to her friend.

Emily walks by with a group, and Penny whispers, there she is! Howard says yeah, whisper so the deaf chick can’t hear you. Emily stops to look at something, so Penny goes up and taps her on the shoulder, and says hi, and asks if they can talk about Raj (Howard again interpreting). Emily asks what about, and Penny says that Raj is a little… naïve. He hasn’t dated a lot of women, and doesn’t know how relationships work, and she’s afraid that, without meaning to, Emily might be taking a little advantage of him. But Howard got distracted again by some women who walked by, and stopped signing around naïve. Penny notices, gets his attention, and he hastily signs, “Are you a gold digger or not?”

Emily gets angry, and starts signing forcefully, while Howard interprets something like, “What the something, who the something do you think you are, stay the something out of our business,” and storms out (Howard was actually saying “something” in the middle of all that).


Penny’s in her apartment when there’s a loud knock at the door. She gets up, and it’s Raj, who says that he’s really, really mad at her. He asks why she ambushed his girlfriend at the gym. Penny says they didn’t mean to ambush her, but it’s impossible to not sneak up on a deaf person, and then asks since when is he so hammered. Raj says that he’s hammered, then says he thought they were friends, but they’re not, they’re frenemies. Like Freddie and Sam on iCarly. Penny asks, you watch iCarly? Raj says it’s not just for kids, it’s for the kid in everyone.

Penny pulls Raj inside her apartment, and tells him that Emily’s not good for him, and asks what kind of relationship is it when he just buys her things, and she gives him sex. Raj says the best one ever. Penny says that Raj can do better than her anyway. Raj says oh, he gets it, they had one great night together, and now Penny can’t stand seeing him with another woman. Penny says no, that’s not it, but Raj says it’s okay, he can’t be mad at her for her feelings. As he leaves, Penny insists that there are no feelings, but Raj doesn’t believe her (I can’t remember what his actual line was as he left). After he’s gone, Penny considers for a moment, then says he is cuter now that she knows he’s rich.


Raj and Emily at his apartment (pre-taped). He gives her a necklace, and tells her that it’s real rubies. His parents call on Skype, and she gets up to look at the necklace in the mirror as he’s talking to them. I don’t remember all the lines, but basically they don’t like that Raj is buying her so many things. He says that she gives him things too, and his dad says he’s a gynecologist, he knows exactly what she’s giving him. They basically tell him he needs to break up with her or they’re cutting him off, and Raj says something like, “You’re making me choose between the woman I love, and money, which I also love?” But Raj ends up choosing love.

So he ends the chat with them, Emily comes back, and he tells her that his parents made him choose between money and love, and he chose love. She asks about the necklace, and he says that they’ll probably have to take it back. She asks about the car, and he says yeah, that too. But he says that they have love, and that’s even better, and she smiles and they hug. But then as she’s hugging him, she pulls a face.

Cut to (now live) Penny’s apartment, where Raj and Penny are sitting on the couch, he’s got his head on her shoulder, crying, and she’s got a hand up holding his head. On the first take, he said he hates all deaf people, and Penny says she knows. And I think he said something else, but I don’t remember.

Then it was changed to Raj saying that it hurts so much, and Penny says she knows. He says that sometimes he puts the TV on mute to pretend that she’s still there, but he can’t watch the closed captioning without crying.

Penny says she’s sorry, and she wishes there was something she could do to help him feel better. Raj sits up and leans away from her, and asks really, I’m heartbroken and you’re hitting on me? Penny says she’s not hitting on him. Raj tells her she’s great and all, but his parents told him if he dates an Indian girl, they’ll get him a Maserati.


The guys are at the Cheesecake Factory. Raj takes a bite of Cheesecake, and says he loves it just as much as a woman, even though you can’t have sex with it. Howard tells him to try sticking it in the microwave for a few seconds.

Sheldon is shaking the dice in his hand, asking if he can use the bathroom there at the restaurant or waits until he gets home, “Daddy needs to void his bladder.” He rolls the dice, then says, “Oh, that’s not what you want to see after three buttermilks.”

Penny drops off the check, and Howard stands and hands it to Raj, saying thanks for getting dinner. Leonard and Sheldon get up too, with Leonard telling Raj it’s real great of him to pay. Sheldon’s impatient, and tells Howard to hurry, hurry! Penny stops back by the table, and tells Raj not to skimp out on the tip, cause they all know he’s loaded now.

On the first take, I don’t know if Kunal knew what to do, because he sort of looked around when he was left alone, then looked at the camera. But then when they did it again, they ended it with Raj looking at the bill.
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