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Originally Posted by Angelmaid (View Post)
Thanks, new to the fan forum threads
You are the sweetest!!! We are glad to see you here!!!! We love your posts, thoughts and insights!!

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Sounds good, hope we get something as it's not likely to air here.

OT - anyone believe the rumors that Lauren and Scott hooked up at some point during the GG years? I think it was more fan wishes than fact as most reports say they aren't good friends. I think they respect each other but just have different interests outside work.
I think there may have been some "dancing" -- I think maybe in Season 2 when there was a lot more L/L scenes with romance meanderings heating up a bit. I think the age difference might have been a teeny-tiny factor -- Lauren seems to like guys closer to her age than not I suspect -- but what do I know. I do think that both Scott and Lauren were working real hard in the beginning to make sure that GG stayed on the high side in popularity and they succeeded very well. I always wondered what would GG had done/faired....if the show was on a major network -- more and way better marketing; more $$ into each episode. One never knows what "could have been." Something tells me that both Scott and Lauren went into GG with a plan in mind -- for the show, as well for each of them individually. Not sure with all that ambition, how a relationship could thrive, you know??
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