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Originally Posted by Astra (View Post)
I have looked at the swatches for the new MacMeOver stuff... Not sure if I'll 'bite' on any of them or not... The last thing I got from them was from the Bloggers Collection... It's just hard to judge from swatches sometimes what will work, isn't it?

I liked the Tundra shadestick.... though I'm more interested in trying the new brush (226, I think?)... I also am REALLY tempted by the new Fluidlines... Dark Envy and Midnight Blue! (

As for Butter London... not sure if I've seen a swatch of Toff yet... will have to look... Knees Up is a hot color... I was tempted to buy Victoriana but didn't... Got Lady Muck (which I still NEED to try) instead...

Just discovered a-england recently... Haven't broken down and ordered yet though I was severely tempted... I like Tristam and Lady of the Lake... Also thought Iseult was pretty along with Morgan LeFay (for layering purposes)...
It is! I usually don't have time to drive to counter so I have to reley on swatches too. Depending on skine tone, lip pigmentation you get sooo different results... It's always hard to tell.

The 226 is the new one - it's a re-promote to be fair. I ordered it but Mac had difficulties and cancelled my order. I was really pissed.

Try Lady Muck and post a picture! I am always up for swatches! Let me find a Toff swatch for you ... here Not the best one but at least you get an idea. What do you think? It's by far my fave out of the fall collection.

Thanks for the heads up about the free shipping... oh the temptation...

Btw did you see the first swatches for the OPI Holiday collection appearing?
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