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Oh okay Aimy. And I know, it's so cool that she sold out France! She has already sold out 2 of her 3 Europe tour dates which is pretty cool because that part of her tour isn't with Parachute which means she sold those venues out on her own. Which is so cool!

No, the setlist hasn't been posted anywhere but one will be online once her tour starts and then I'll add it to the OP of this thread. She'll probably be playing a lot of the songs that she played when she toured with Natasha Bedingfield this summer because those are her main ones...and on that tour she played:

Say You're Mine
Impatient Girl
Sunshine In My Sky
Heart In Chains
99 Times
Kindly Unspoken

...and then 2 nights ago she played at a university which was kind of the start of this tour and there she played:

Say You're Mine
Manhattan From The Sky
The Lazy Song (Cover)
Only Fooling Myself
The House That Built Me (Cover)
Sunshine In My Sky
Heart In Chains
Playing WIth My Heart

(in no particular order and based on what has been uploaded on Youtube) so I would expect to hear those songs, but I don't know anything for sure.
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