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"It's quite alright, Alexander. If Tyler can bring someone who's so enthusiastic about spreading our culture, by all means, let her speak," Lisa said through gritted teeth. She wasn't amused and wanted to slap the little for rubbing it in. The fact that Tyler whispered into her ear pissed Lisa off even more. The other girl pissed her off even more; it was obvious sarcasm. Caroline did seem rather intelligent, so if she made herself useful, Lisa would let it go.


"She could have been less passive-aggresive, Ty-Dye," Caroline whispered. She was trying not to smile, but Tyler hadn't called her "Care Bear" in years. Not since their fifth birthday and subsequent first kiss. "Frankly, I don't think this program is living up to its name. For all the universal friendship, we never see anything in the press about the program or what it stands for, nor do we ever hear about activities. Why? As a youth leader, you of all people should be eager to set the stage for an intercultural dialogue of sorts. Why does explaining your culture have to be limited to this room? People like active voices, not passive ones. Aren't you curious about why people of earth are so different? Live aboard and this program is all well and good, but at the end of the day, it's all talk and no action," Caroline said, crossing her arms. if she was going to be in the program, she expected a challenge.


"Like mother, like daughter," Chase muttered. She decided to play nice for Lex's sake, but Tyler was being a pansy. He didn't owe Lisa anything and should have asked more questions. "Why aren't you explaining stuff? Hell, why are we the only two women in this room aside from you? If you want people to trust you, you need to offer those nifty healing centers to low-income families or people who have no insurance, period. Being cutting-edge isn't enough and neither is showering us with gifts," Chase pointed out.


Lex sighed with relief; someone had made them listen. "I'm sure Lisa wouldn't mind if women joined and would look forward to having female friends, but her beauty and regal composure made it impossible for men everywhere to resist her charms," he joked. "If we did have an event, we should make it about education and public awareness," he suggested. Lex's head hurt and he couldn't fathom why the girls hadn't just stated their opinions instead of one being blindly loyal and the other choosing to snark. Hew knew they would have rather had fun being pretentious college kids, but Chase needed to be around her own kind.
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