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He swallowed the lump forming in his throat. It was still awkard to see Lisa, still hurt like hell. It was good to have Caroline's support , to hold his hand so to speak. He tugged on the bottom of her shirt to get her to speed that intro up a bit and to tone it down. He sensed the tension and he didn't want her saying something she really shouldn't. Those blue eyes glanced though in Lisa's direction as she had mentioned spending more time with him. Hoping there'd be at least a hint of jealousy , a hint of regret? Something, anything to give him hope. Well , crap he's only seen her for not even five minutes and he's getting like that? Did it show? He hoped not. Tyler was supposed to be moving on , or at least not holding on to something non existant.
" Could have been a little less cheeky , Care Bear "
He whispered when she finally was seated back down. He just shrugged at Lex and looked uncomfortable again as those blue eyes went back to focus on Lisa.
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